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This is a stand out new violin, as soon as I put a set of strings on and put the bow on them I knew it was something special, with outstanding clarity and tonal characteristics that immediately set it apart.

Out of all the violins that a maker produces, just occasionally everything lines up to perfection to create a violin like this one that just stands out from all their other output. This is a rare opportunity to acquire one of these violins.

All our new violins are individually hand crafted using traditional methods and personally hand selected by myself direct from the maker.

Carefully modelled on the famous Lord Wilton violin of 1742 Guarneri del Gesu violin which was famously played by the great Yehudi Menuhin between 1978 and his death in 1999, and now resides in the collection of David L. Fulton in the US.

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This new violin has an exquisite tone already which just makes it shine out from similarly priced violins from the first touch of the bow on the strings. It has an astounding strong, clear tone and precise diction, all of which gives it excellent projection. It is already so responsive you would not take it for a raw, new violin. Then when you consider that the sound is only going to improve as it matures and opens up, you are going to get a stunning sounding violin for a very long time to come. It is finished in a lightly antiqued oil/spirit varnish, as used by the great violinmakers of Cremona.

All our new violins are individually hand crafted using traditional methods and personally hand selected by myself direct from the maker.

This violin has been carefully modelled on the famous ‘Lord Wilton’  Guarneri del Gesu 1742 violin, as played by Yehudi Menuhin for the last 21 years of his life, and features the distinctive strong f-hole and scroll style which was a distinguishing feature of del Gesu’s instruments.

This is a beautiful violin made with high quality spruce and maple, which has been air dried for over 12 years, and finished in a nicely antiqued varnish. The tone is already unbelievable for a new violin and after a few months playing you will have a totally classy and distinctive sounding instrument.

Unlike many companies we make no fanciful claims about our violins being ‘professional’ or ‘soloist’ standard. However, we will say that in the under £1000 price bracket we have not found any violins that are better.

The excellent craftsmanship that goes into making these violins is followed up with careful set up to ensure that it not only has a wonderful tone but also the highest order of playability. Unlike many companies, and especially those imported from China, we ship to you with the bridge in place – this ensures that our high quality set up is maintained, so that you can take it straight out of the box, tune it and immediately start enjoying its wonderful ability to make music.

(Many companies ship with the bridge down, which frequently results in the violin arriving with the soundpost having fallen down. Now the two most important elements in the sound quality of a violin are the bridge and the soundpost, which require fine adjustment by an experienced person to get the optimum sound out of your instrument, meaning a trip to your nearest luthier if you are to get the best out of your newly purchased violin. This is why we have taken the time to develop a safe method of shipping our violins that ensure that the careful set up is maintained for when it arrives with you).

What makes our violins different from others in this price range:

  • Mature, air dried high quality tonewood used.
  • Made by a single craftsman from start to finish, using traditional violinmaking techniques.
  • The high standards of traditional varnishes are emulated.
  • Precisely controlled plate thickness and distribution.
  • Fingerboards are checked for correct thickness, curvature and scope before finishing with smoothing and polishing.
  • Thickness of the neck with fingerboard checked – these are frequently too bulky for comfortable playing, particularly at the heel of the neck.
  • String grooves at the nut and bridge are well lubricated with graphite to protect strings.
  • Bridge is professionally cut, with special attention to the feet fitting perfectly.
  • Correct string clearance checked for.
  • Pegs are shaped to give them the correct taper and peg compound applied to ensure that they work smoothly.
  • Pegs ends are rounded for a nice finish.
  • Correct cutting and placement of the soundpost is an imperative for optimum sound of the violin. Full contact of the ends with the back and belly are required, with no minor gaps.

About Our Tonewoods:

Nearly every new violin advertised for sale these days comes with a claim that the wood is 10 – 20 years old at least. The inside story from those in the know is very different. The truth is that probably fewer than 10% of these instruments have wood that is 5 years old.  Pressures of time and economy on price mean that an ever increasing number of makers are using ‘Green Wood’, less than a year old. Not only do violins made from green wood lack the tonal qualities of those constructed of mature wood but there is a high risk that they will crack, joints will come apart or the neck will warp. Our makers have a stockpile of wood sufficient for 5 years and the instruments that we select from them are made from wood guaranteed to have been air dried for at least 14 years. Forced drying, using heat to speed up the process makes the wood brittle.

Plate Thicknessing:

The tone and projection of a violin is critically dependent on both correct thickness on the plates (belly and back) of the violin. Too thick and they will be stronger but lack the flexibility to vibrate freely. Too thin and the violin will be fragile under the immense pressure of the strings and although it may initially appear to have a good sound, over the course of a couple of years it will lose its tone. Our makers have carefully studied many highest quality instruments, especially the very best 17th century Cremonese (Stradivari, Guarneri del Gesu, Amati), and have developed a careful understanding of the correct plate thickness and distribution to give optimal results over the long term. The plates of these violins are on average around 5% thicker than that commonly seen on many new violins, and their tone will only ever improve with the ripening of time.

Size: 4/4

Back length: 355mm

Upper Bout: 169mm      Middle Bout: 110mm    Lower Bout: 207mm

String length: 330mm

Fingerboard: Ebony       Fittings: Ebony

This violin is so good that it immediately commands the highest quality strings and we offer you the choice of Larsons Il Canonne or Pirastro Evah Pirazzi strings, just let us know buy generic amoxil which you would prefer.

A case is included in the price but no bow. Please buy amoxil 500 mg for bow options at very special prices.


The ‘Lord Wilton’ Guarneri del Gesu 1742 violin and its history

The instrument upon which this violin is modelled is the Guarneri del Gesu of 1742 that was once owned by the famous world famous American born violinist, conductor pedagogue who was widely regarded as one of the finest soloists of the 20th Century (and there is a documentary about him entitled ‘Violin of the Century’). Menuhin founded music schools in London, Switzerland and California, with his most notable students including Nigel Kennedy and Nicola Benedetti. He also co-founded the Yehudi Menuhin Competition for Young Violinists, whose stand out winners include Tasmin Little, Julia Fischer and Ray Chen. Yehudi Menuhin is renowned for his cross cultural, cross genre collaborations with those most well publicized being his work with Indian musician Ravi Shankar and Gypsy Jazz violinist Stephan Grapelli – although he has publicly admitted that he never quite mastered or became comfortable with improvisation.

Here you can listen to the ‘Lord Wilton’ violin, played my Menuhin, in its purest form – the Bach Partita No.3 for solo violin:

Yehudi Menuhin acquired the ‘Lord Wilton’ in 1978 and kept it until his death at the age of 83, after which it was sold for a then world record price of US$6 million to David Fulton and it has remained in his collection since then.

Here James Ehnes who has the privilege to perform and record on the Fulton Collection instruments, discusses the Lord Wilton Guarneri and its sound:

The violin takes its name from its first known owner of the instrument, in the 19th Century, the 4th Earl of Wilton, Seymour Egerton. He was a musician and friend of composer Arthur Sullivan, of Gilbert and Sullivan fame.

It was also owned from 1952 – 61 by Croatian violinist Zlatko Baloković, but the violin he was most associated with was ‘The King’ Guarneri of 1735, which resides in his honour at the Croatian Academy of Sciences and the Arts in  Zagreb.


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I believe that every violinist should have access to a great sounding instrument capable of expressing the passion within them at an affordable price. It is my mission to bring instruments capable of doing this to young and mature musicians alike, so that they can develop to the maximum as a musician and bring the joy of their hearts to the world. All violins are personally selected by myself as instruments with great tonal qualities that I would be proud to own as my sole violin. Each is carefully checked for build construction and condition. Any restoration work is done by my professional luthier partner and instruments are fitted with high quality fittings and usually Evah Pirazzi strings (although this may vary according to what we determine best suits the particular instrument). This is backed by a 12 months maintenance free guarantee - that is to say that we will undertake any maintenance  required on your violin within this period free of charge. All that you need to do is bring/ship the violin back to us. All violins come to you fully set up to their optimum and ready to play. We regularly ship worldwide, FREE of charge to you and fully insured. It is my experience that it takes at least 3 days of exclusive playing of an instrument to get accustomed to and appreciate it; with 7 days being preferable and the minimum time that should be allowed for trial of an instrument. Most shops allow 7-14 days for returns on purchases. I wish my customers a great buying experience and to have total confidence in their acquisition and consequently I give a 30 DAY RETURN PERIOD with a full refund of the purchase price provided that it is returned in the same condition. Any quality violin is a substantial financial commitment and one that you want to be confident will not be a depreciating asset. I am confident that any violin that I sell will at least hold its value over many years if well looked after and the majority will actually gain in value - this has been the general trend over a long period of time. I am willing to take any violin that I have sold back should you decide to upgrade and will give you the full purchase price paid for it, provided that it has been well looked after. I am here to help as much for you post-sale as I am before. I love to help and willingly give advice, assistance, and share my expertise and experiences at any time. Stay in contact, be sure to sign-up for my newsletter.