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Introducing our own special Virtuosi Violins brand violins.

When I first started playing violin I had the good fortune to happen upon an old battered and botched together violin for around £100, but importantly it was very playable and sounded well, which encouraged me to practice and I made rapid progress. Unfortunately I see so many students beginners and intermediate level, that are frustrated and have their progress hampered by violins that are so badly set up that they are painfully difficult to play. This was the situation that I set out to rectify when I started searching for a range of inexpensive violins suitable for anyone beyond the initial stages of playing. To this end we have researched extensively the available new violins on the market which led us to find these violins which not only are extremely easy to play and have excellent tonal qualities but are based on famous Golden period Cremonese instruments and look just great too. In fact it is our firm belief that these are the best new violins available under £1000.

We buy direct from the maker’s themselves to ensure you the best possible prices. Each violin is individually selected by ourselves from our two makers. The violins arrive with us having been expertly set up for the best possible tone and playability – the two key factors for any violin. We then fine tune each one individually to ensure that the set up is truly optimal.

The tone on these violins is truly exceptional for any new violin – and they will only improve over the coming months – and to find such good tonal qualities and playability together in this price range is a game changer that moves obtaining a quality sounding violin to a new level. Now every violinist can realistically obtain a violin with a sound that can inspire them to practice, perform and grow their musicianship to a very high level at a genuinely affordable price. These are a truly wonderful quality violin priced at well under £1000.

We are so confident in the quality of these violins that we have our name put on the inside of them.

New Violins

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