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Celebrating violins and all things violinistic

Humoresque – Just To Prove Classical Music Doesn’t Always Have To Be Serious!

A recent video I came across inspired me to start this page of the humorous and light hearted moments in classical music – and I will endeavour to add to it whenever I can; including videos, quotes, jokes and more.

If you have anything that you would like to add please post it on the Facebook page.

What happens when a cellist and violinist swap instruments?

Well if they are du Pre and Perlman it goes like this:

Is this the best ever Mendelssohn violin concerto?

From the same crew:

Nothing to do with violin (apart from the references to Yehudi Menhuin) but a classic piece of British comedy

And now for a musical interlude:

And whilst we are with Mozart…

A Little Nightmare Music!

That quintessential British dish, fish and chips…it actually originated in Venice.

I can see it now: Antonio Vivaldi, sitting on his gondola as the sun goes down, composing whilst picking his way through a basket of  fish ‘n’ chips (with a Cornetto for dessert of course!!!).

A little known fact is that what became known as Vivaldi’s Four Seasons originally started out as ‘Fish, Chips, Salt and Pepper’…only his publicist informed him that it would never sell! Not to be deterred and with only minor revisions Vivaldi morphed his four concerto set into what we now know so well as Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.

If only Nigel had known the true story!

Who’s who?

And now for a quick lesson in conducting

And when the orchestra gets in on the act

What to do when you can’t quite seem to find a comfortable violin hold:

Get a new chin rest….or a new shoulder rest…may be not!

Itzhak Perlman getting in on the act again:

And for sporting types:

Anyone up for an Hungarian dance – a real page turner!

Don’t you just love technology!

The not often seen playful side of Jascha Heifetz

An electrifying performance by PAgagNINI!

The great Victor Borge with a hilarious piano sketch.

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