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Why choose us?

We now live in a virtual age where we do everything online from buying groceries to choosing a partner – and if the web is good enough a place to look for a date then why would you not wish to do the same when it comes to selecting a new instrument?

And why wouldn’t you?

  • Choice – there is a whole world out there to chose from online, you are no longer restricted to what you can find in your area.
  • Convenience – you can browse online in the comfort of your own at any time for as long or short as you like, your instrument can then be with you in about 3 days (anywhere in the world) and you can try it in your own home for 30 days and return it if it is not exactly what you want.
  • Security – buying online is today as safe a way to purchase as any (over $600 billion was spent online globally in 2011), a purchaser buying online actually has enhanced legal rights to protect them as against someone buying in a store and we offer heightened protection through a 30 day return policy and a 12 month guarantee against defects.
  • Customer experience – it has been demonstrated that one of the main reasons that people now buy online, even after seeing an identical product at the same price in a store, is customer service. The whole customer experience is superior online from pre- through to post- sales service and at every stage in between. Here at Virtuosi Violins we emphasize that we love to help in every respect, we are all about assisting you finding the perfect match for you in everything that you need to become the best violinist that you can. We are always available to answer any questions and time is something that we will always give you as much of as you need. We would love to hear from you by any of the means listed below.
  • Price – an online store can always offer the same product at a lower price because the overheads are so much less than at a bricks-and-mortar store. Add to that, as a collector not a business I am not profit driven and have the customers interest first.

As a buyer of violins for many years, both online and through traditional means, I have had good and bad experiences of purchasing instruments from around the world. Wanting to ensure that you receive only the very best experience and can have the greatest possible confidence in acquiring your dream instrument I have put all the lessons of those experiences together for your benefit.

First of all I asked myself how as a buyer I would want to be treated and what I would want if I was buying a violin online. As a result our priorities are:

  • to give you all the time that you need
  • to listen to you and your requirements so that we can help you in the best way possible
  • to support you in your decision making process
  • to make communication as easy, prompt and as full as possible at every stage
  • to help you to feel as comfortable and supported as possible throughout

The service that has been put together reflects these priorities giving reasons to buy from Virtuosi Violins that include:

  • a great selection of personally selected fine quality violins, each chosen on account of construction, condition, playability, wonderful tonal qualities and supreme value for money
  • a service centered around your requirements
  • a strong emphasis placed on communication with you
  • 30 day return policy, with full refund offered
  • 12 month guarantee against defects
  • fully insured worldwide express delivery
  • prompt dispatch of orders
  • a ‘we are here to help you’ philosophy, help and advice given on any violin related issue willingly given to all
  • we believe our customers interests are more important than the value of any sale

Are we worth giving a try – we think so

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Find out more about us

Who we are?

Virtuosi Violins is the website of violin collector, musician, enthusiast and writer.

I play violin on a non-professional basis and has developed a love of violins and all things violin over many years. Through my website I now seek to share my knowledge and help fellow enthusiasts, at all levels of their violin journey finding the violin that is a perfect match for them and assist them in any way possible.

I am always available to assist and answer questions on any aspect of the violin world.

I have written many articles on violins, including a blog, and am currently writing a book on the great violinmakers of Cremona.

Wonderful original antique Italian violin made by Egidia Bizzi 1950

What we do?

What I do is to locate great violins at prices that are accessible to general musicians of all levels from advanced beginner to professional, have them fully restored and set up. These form part of my violin collection, some of which are available for sale, and I use all my experience in finding the perfect match between violinist and instrument.

As an instrument collector I am not driven by commercial interests and profits but assisting fellow musicians find a perfect instrument to accompany them on their journey, whilst avoiding all the pitfalls that are out there and many of which I have had personal experience of negotiating.

I am happy to advise and answer questions from musicians of any level or people who collect or are looking at starting a collection of violins.

I love to help – please ask.

Old antique Italian violin labelled Carolus Columbus Bruno 1901

Why we do this?

Quite simply, at the heart of what I do is my beliefs.

I resoundingly hold to the belief that every violinist deserves to play an instrument that best suits there needs and allows them to most fully express the music within them. That is why we become musicians, because we are called to speak something that is within us, with all our heart and soul. To do that we need an instrument that makes our hearts sing and draws those feelings out of us. With the right instrument in our hands the expression just flows and our imagination takes flight with all the possibilities to let the magic of creation take form in music through us.

When we find the right violin we know it, although it may not be instantaneous. Our ears get used to the sounds of the violin that we are accustomed to playing and although a different instrument may feel right it may not at first sound right because it is ‘different’. This is why I allow customers time to trial without risk any new purchase. My recommendation is to exclusively play the violin that you are trialing for a minimum of 3 days, without playing the instrument that you are accustomed to, so that you can really get to know the tonal qualities of the new acquisition. Then you are in a position to make a fair comparison.

More often than not though my customers tell me that there new violin is an instant hit, being so superior to what they have been playing before. I chose the instruments that I bring into my collection with the greatest of care, so that you can rest assured that each one has excellent tonal qualities,  is in top condition and has great playability. It is this latter quality of playability that students acquiring instruments from me regularly inform me has allowed them to make great strides in their playing. When I ask further there is often a further factor – they love playing it so much that their practice sessions just go on and on; they don’t want to put the instrument down.

I not only chose the instruments in my collection very carefully but I also chose my customers with great care – by that I really mean that I spend a lot of time with each customer getting to know them and their requirements so that I can suggest instruments that might be a perfect match for them.

Have you found you perfect match yet.

Wonderful original antique Italian violin made by Egidia Bizzi 1950

Where we do this?

We are located in a small country village in Staffordshire, UK. The village is most famous for being the home of the Wedgwood pottery factory. Though rural, we are only 10 minutes by road from the city of Stoke-on -Trent and 20 minutes from Stafford; whilst being just off the M6 motorway (J14 from the south, J15 from the north), and the London to Manchester railway line bisects the village. The international airports of Manchester, Birmingham and East Midlands are all just 45 minutes away.

And through the wonders of the internet we have global reach, with violins from my collection having found new homes in Hong Kong/China, Japan, USA, Canada and Europe as well as the UK.

Read more about the historic village where I live HERE.

French Mirecourt violin JTL Jerome Thibouville Lamy 1897

How we do this?

The how of us doing this is through how we do our mission ie what gives us value in our dealings.


  • We are here to help
  • We listen
  • We communicate
  • We act in your interest
  • We treat you as we would want to be treated

It is our aim:

  • To help you in every way that we can.
  • To inform and assist you to make enlightened decisions.
  • To provide you with an enhanced experience
  • To elevate the world of music, violins and violin playing in every way
Klotz family violin 18th century old antique German violin labelled Georg Klotz 1745

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