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Celebrating violins and all things violinistic

A – Z of Violin

The A – Z of All Things Violin is a resource that will be added to regularly building up one letter of the alphabet at a time to form a comprehensive go to place where you can build up your knowledge of all matters related to the violin. It will cover the violin itself, famous makers, outstanding virtuoso players, composers of music for the violin, the compositions themselves, violin technique and playing tips, music terminology, books and videos on the violin, and anything else that we can find related to the violin that may be of interest. Hopefully it will include something for everyone and include facets relevant to musicians of all abilities as well as any non-musicians who have an interest in the violin or fiddle music. It also gives me the opportunity to indulge unashamedly  in sharing some of my favourite fiddle facts, violins, their maker’s, the musicians who have played them and above all else the pieces of violin music that I love. I hope you enjoy it too and that it enriches your life as it has done mine.

Each letter in the A – Z will appear here underlined and highlighted as it is published:

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